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2016GDN.pdf.jpgRanking Candidates Through Convex Sequences of Variable WeightsLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio2016application/pdf
2016FSS.pdf.jpgSUOWA operators: Constructing semi-uninorms And analyzing specific casesLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio2016application/pdf
2016IJIS.pdf.jpgA Behavioral Analysis of WOWA and SUOWA OperatorsLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio2016application/pdf
-Llamazares15MPE.pdf.jpgA Study of SUOWA Operators in Two DimensionsLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio2015application/pdf
2015TD.pdf.jpgScoring rules and social choice properties: some characterizationsLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio; Peña, Teresa2015application/pdf
2015IF.pdf.jpgConstructing Choquet integral-based operators that generalize weighted means and OWA operatorsLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio2015application/pdf
2015IS.pdf.jpgTriple-acyclicity in majorities based on difference in supportLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio; Pérez Asurmendi, Patrizia2015application/pdf
2015GDN.pdf.jpgPositional Voting Systems Generated by Cumulative Standings FunctionsLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio; Peña, Teresa2015application/pdf
APPLICATION- BINOMIA.pdf.jpgAn application of binomial coefficients to Social Choice TheoryLlamazares Rodríguez, Bonifacio2014application/pdf

Resultados 1-9 de 9.
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