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GGGIM_reviewedAlan.pdf.jpgThe joint role of trimming and constraints in robust estimation for mixtures of Gaussian factor analyzers.García-Escudero, Luis Ángel; Gordaliza, Alfonso; Greselin, Francesca; Ingrassia, Salvatore; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2016application/pdf
reweighted_TCLUST.pdf.jpgA Reweighting Approach to Robust ClusteringDotto, Francesco; Farcomeni, Alessio; García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín2016application/pdf
NumClus.pdf.jpgFinding the Number of Groups in Model-Based Clustering via Constrained LikelihoodsCerioli, Andrea; García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín; Riani, Marco2016application/pdf
robust_fuzzy_regression_clustering.pdf.jpgA Fuzzy Approach to Robust Clusterwise RegressionDotto, Francesco; Farcomeni, Alessio; García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2016application/pdf
RobustPCA.pdf.jpgRobust Principal Component Analysis Based On Trimming Around Affine SubspacesCroux, Christophe; García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Gordaliza, Alfonso; Ruwet, Christel; San Martín, Roberto2016application/pdf
parabolas.pdf.jpgFitting Parabolas in Noisy ImagesGarcía-Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín; Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Clara I.2016application/pdf
GarciaGreselinMayoSMPS2016SMPS2016.pdf.jpgFuzzy Clustering Throug Robust Factor AnalyzersGarcía Escudero, Luis Ángel; Greselin, Francesca; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2016application/pdf
SMPS2016_LAG.pdf.jpgRobust Fuzzy Clustering via Trimming and ConstraintsDotto, Francesco; Farcomeni, Alessio; García Escudero, Luis Ángel; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2016application/pdf
SERR-D-15-00070.pdf.jpgChecking unimodality using isotonic regression: an application to breast cancer mortality ratesRueda, Cristina; Ugarte, MD; Militino, AF2016application/pdf
NAR published e163.full.pdf.jpgOrder Restricted Inference for Oscillatory Systems for Detecting Rhythmic SignalsLarriba, Yolanda; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Peddada, Shyamal2016application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 17.

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