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journal.pone.0124842.pdf.jpgDetermination of the temporal order among the components of an oscillatory systemBarragán, Sandra; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Peddada, Shyamal2015application/pdf
Chapter for Mardia's book Rueda et al.pdf.jpgSome advances in constrained inference for ordered circular parameters in oscillatory systemsRueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Barragán, Sandra; Peddada, Shyamal2015application/pdf
Páginas desdeLASR2013.pdf.jpgEstimating and testing circular orders for cell cycle genes expression dataRueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Barragán, Sandra; Peddada, Shyamal2013application/pdf
SAGBM-Estimating-true-preprint.pdf.jpgPerformance and estimation of the true error rate of classification rules built with additional information. An application to a cancer trialConde, David; Salvador, Bonifacio; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel2013application/pdf
pisa1.pdf.jpgTwo proposals for circular ordering aggregationRueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Barragán, Sandra2014application/pdf
NAR published e163.full.pdf.jpgOrder Restricted Inference for Oscillatory Systems for Detecting Rhythmic SignalsLarriba, Yolanda; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Peddada, Shyamal2016application/pdf
Chapter vfinal.pdf.jpgClassification of samples with order restricted discrimination rules. Statistical Analysis in ProteomicsConde, David; Fernández, Miguel; Salvador, Bonifacio; Rueda, Cristina2015application/pdf
Supplementary Information_biometrics.pdf.jpgCircular Piecewise Regression with an application to cell-cycle gene BiologyRueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Barragán, Sandra; Peddada, Shyamal; Mardia, Kanti2016application/pdf
Barragan et al.pdf.jpgCircular Order Aggregation and its Application to Cell-cycle Genes ExpressionsBarragán, Sandra; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel2017application/pdf
2015_Leeds_LASR.pdf.jpgCircular Isotone Regression with Application to cell-cycle BiologyRueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Barragán, Sandra; Mardia, Kanti; Peddada, Shyamal2015application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 15.

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