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Impact of acidification and protein fortification on thermal properties-FH-2018.pdf.jpgImpact of acidification and protein fortification on thermal properties of rice, potato and tapioca starches and rheological behaviour of their gelsVillanueva Barrero, Marina; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad; Moschakis, Thomas; Lazaridou, Athina; Biliaderis, Costas G.2018application/pdf
Effect of β-glucan MW-dough-bread-starch digestibility-LWT-2017.pdf.jpgEffect of b-glucan molecular weight on rice flour dough rheology, quality parameters of breads and in vitro starch digestibilityPérez Quirce, Sandra; Lazaridou, Athina; Biliaderis, Costas G.; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad2017application/pdf
Effect of microwave radiation pre-treatment-FBT-2017.pdf.jpgEffect of Microwave Radiation Pretreatment of Rice Flour on Gluten-Free Breadmaking and Molecular Size of β-Glucans in the Fortified BreadsPérez Quirce, Sandra; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad; Lazaridou, Athina; Biliaderis, Costas G.2017application/pdf
Inactivation of endogenous rice flour β-glucanase-FBT-2016.pdf.jpgInactivation of Endogenous Rice Flour β-Glucanase by Microwave Radiation and Impact on Physico-chemical Properties of the Treated FlourPérez Quirce, Sandra; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad; Melendre, Carmen; Lazaridou, Athina; Biliaderis, Costas G.2016application/pdf
Universidad de Valladolid
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