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Physicochemical properties flours-proteins. Repositorio.pdf.jpgPhysicochemical properties of native and extruded maize flours in the presence of animal proteinsBravo Nuñez, Angela; Gómez, Manuel2019application/pdf
BSG Repositorio.pdf.jpgThe Impact of Basil Seed Gum on Native and Pregelatinized Corn Flour and Starch Gel PropertiesMatía-Merino, Lara; Prieto, Montse; Román, Laura; Gómez, Manuel2019application/pdf
Artículo para repositorio. Rebozados.pdf.jpgExtruded flour improves batter pick-up, coating crispness and aroma profileRomán, Laura; Picó, Joana; Antolín, Beatriz; Martínez, Mario M.; Gómez, Manuel2018application/pdf
Manuscript JFST. Repositorio.pdf.jpgInfluence of protein source on characteristics and quality of gluten-free cookiesSahagún, Marta; Gómez, Manuel2018application/pdf
Fruit by-products review. Repositorio.pdf.jpgFruit and vegetable by-products as novel ingredients to improve the nutritional quality of baking foodsMartínez, Mario M.; Gómez, Manuel2018application/pdf
Article Banana Breads Repositorio.pdf.jpgBanana starch and molecular shear fragmentation dramatically increase structurally driven slowly digestible starch in fully gelatinized bread crumbRomán, Laura; Gómez, Manuel; Hamaker, Bruce R.; Martínez, Mario M.2018application/pdf
Articulo galletas gluten hidrolizado. Repositorio.pdf.jpgIncorporation of gluten and hydrolysed gluten proteins have different effects on dough rheology and cookie characteristicsBravo Nuñez, Angela; Sahagún, Marta; Martínez, Paula; Gómez, Manuel2018application/pdf
gluten-free bread crusts.pdf.jpgAnalysis of volatile compounds in gluten-free bread crusts with an optimised and validated SPME-GC/QTOF methodologyPicó, Joana; Antolín, Beatriz; Román, Laura; Gómez, Manuel; Bernal, José2018application/pdf
Microwave absorption capacity of rice flour-JFE-2018.pdf.jpgMicrowave absorption capacity of rice flour. Impact of the radiation on rice flour microstructure, thermal and viscometric propertiesVillanueva Barrero, Marina; Harasym, Joanna; Muñoz, José María; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad2018application/pdf
GFB protein. Repositorio.pdf.jpgAssessing influence of protein source on characteristics of gluten-free breads optimising their hydration levelSahagún, Marta; Gómez, Manuel2018application/pdf

Results 1-10 of 50 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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