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1-s2.0-S0003267014013014-main.pdf.jpgAnalysis of organic acids and phenols of interest in the wine industry using Langmuir–Blodgett films based on functionalized nanoparticlesMedina-Plaza, C.; Garcia-Cabezon, C.; Garcia-Hernandez, C.; Bramorski, C.; Blanco-Val, Y; Martin-Pedrosa, F; Kawai, T; Rodríguez Méndez, María Luz2015application/pdf
1-s2.0-S0260877415000710-main.pdf.jpgBeer discrimination using a portable electronic tongue based on screen-printed electrodesBlanco, Carlos; de la Fuente, Rocio; Caballero, Isabel; Rodriguez Mendez, Mª luz2015application/pdf
Beilstein_J_Nanotechnol-06-2052.pdf.jpgElectrochemical behavior of polypyrrol/AuNP composites deposited by different electrochemical methods. Sensing properties towards catecholGarcia-Hernandez, C.; Garcia-Cabezon, C.; Medina-Plaza, C.; Martin-Pedrosa, F.; Blanco, Y.; de Saja, J.A; Rodriguez-Mendez, M.L2015application/pdf
1-s2.0-S0921509315301520-main.pdf.jpgInfluence of sinter-cooling rate on the mechanical properties of powder metallurgy austenitic, ferritic, and duplex stainless steels sintered in vacuumMartin-Pedrosa, Fernando; Garcia-Cabezon, C.; Blanco, Yolanda; Rodriguez Mendez, Mª luz2015application/pdf
2015-AA.pdf.jpgIs the reaction between formic acid and protonated aminomethanol a possible source of glycine precursors in the interstellar medium?Redondo Cristóbal, Pilar; Largo Cabrerizo, Antonio; Barrientos Benito, Carmen2015application/pdf
2015-JCP.pdf.jpgStructure and spectroscopic properties of neutral and cationic tetratomic [C,H,N,Zn] isomers: A theoretical studyRedondo Cristóbal, Pilar; Largo Cabrerizo, Antonio; Vega Vega, Álvaro; Barrientos Benito, Carmen2015application/pdf
Unveiling epimerization effects  a rotational study of α-D-galactose preprint.pdf.jpgUnveiling epimerization effects: a rotational study of alpha-D-galactosePeña, Isabel; Cabezas, Carlos; Alonso Hernández, José Luis2015application/pdf
Rotational-Spectrum-Tyrosine-P.Print.pdf.jpgThe Rotational Spectrum of TyrosinePérez, Cristóbal; Mata López, Santiago; Cabezas, Carlos; López, Juan Carlos; Alonso Hernández, José Luis2015application/pdf
Comprehensive analysis of prebiotic propenal up to 660 GHz.pdf.jpgComprehensive analysis of prebiotic propenal up to 660 GHzDaly, Adam; Bermudez, Celina; Kolesnikova, Lucie; Alonso Hernández, José Luis2015application/pdf
Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy of Ac-Ser-NH2 the role of side chain interactions in peptide foldingpreprint.pdf.jpgFourier transform microwave spectroscopy of Ac-Ser-NH2: the role of side chain interactions in peptide foldingCabezas, Carlos; Robben, Martinus A. T.; Rijs, Anouk M.; Peña, Isabel; Alonso Hernández, José Luis2015application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 32.

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