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Supported-J-Org-Chem-2017-postprint.pdf.jpgSupported and Unsupported Chiral Squaramides as Organocatalysts for Stereoselective Michael Additions: Synthesis of Enantiopure Chromenes and SpirochromanesAndrés García, José María; Losada, Jorge; Maestro Fernández, Alicia; Rodríguez-Ferrer, Patricia; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2017application/pdf
Recyclable-Eur-J-Org-Chem-2017-postprint.pdf.jpgRecyclable Chiral Bifunctional Thioureas Derived from [60]Fullerene and Their Use as Highly Efficient Organocatalysts for the Asymmetric Nitro-Michael ReactionAndrés García, José María; González, Miguel; Maestro Fernández, Alicia; Naharro, Daniel; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2017application/pdf
Biodegradable-Eur-J-Org-Chem-2017-postprint.pdf.jpgBiodegradable Chitosan-Derived Thioureas as Recoverable Supported Organocatalysts – Application to the Stereoselective Aza-Henry ReactionAndrés García, José María; González, Fernando; Maestro Fernández, Alicia; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael; Valle, María2017application/pdf
RSC-Adv-2016-6.pdf.jpgEnantioselective Synthesis of Seven-Membered Carbo- and Heterocyles by Organocatalyzed Intramolecular Michael AdditionGuevara-Pulido, James Oswaldo; Andrés García, José María; Ávila, Deisy P.; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2016application/pdf
ChemPlusChem-2016-81.pdf.jpgBottom-up Synthesis of Novel Supported Thioureas and Their Use in Enantioselective Solvent-free Aza-Henry and Michael AdditionsAndrés García, José María; Cruz, Noelia de la; Valle Álvarez, María; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2016application/pdf
ChemistrySelect-2016.pdf.jpgShort Synthesis of Novel Recyclable Chiral Bifunctional Thioureas from Aminoalkyl Polystyrene and their use as Organocatalysts in Stereoselective aza-Henry ReactionAndrés García, José María; Maestro Fernández, Alicia; Rodríguez Ferrer, Patricia; Simón, Inmaculada; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2016application/pdf
Beilstein-J-Org-Chem-2016.pdf.jpgSupported bifunctional thioureas as recoverable and reusable catalysts for enantioselective nitro-Michael reactionsAndrés García, José María; Ceballos, Miriam; Maestro Fernández, Alicia; Sanz, Isabel; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2016application/pdf
Chapter-6-Abstract-Susutainable-Catalysis.pdf.jpgProlinamides as Asymmetric OrganocatalystsPedrosa Sáez, Rafael; Andrés García, José María2015application/pdf
RSC-Adv-2015-5.pdf.jpgThe organocatalyzed domino Michael–aldol reaction revisited. Synthesis of enantioenriched 3-hydroxycyclohexanone derivatives by reaction of enals with α,α′-diaryl-substituted acetoneGuevara-Pulido, James Oswaldo; Andrés García, José María; Pedrosa Sáez, Rafael2015application/pdf
Green-Chem-2015-17.pdf.jpgChiral Ureas and Thioureas Supported on Polystyrene for Enantioselective Aza-Henry Reaction in Solvent-free conditionsPedrosa Sáez, Rafael; Andrés García, José María; Ávila, Deisy P.; Ceballos, Miriam; Pindado, Rodrigo2015application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 12.

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