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Proc.SPIE_10086_2017-PW.pdf.jpgAbout the impact of the materials properties in the catastrophic degradation of high power GaAs based laserSouto, Jorge; Pura, José luis; Torres, Alfredo; Jiménez, Juan2017application/pdf
Souto_2017_J._Phys._D__Appl._Phys._50_235101.pdf.jpgNanoscale effects on the thermal and mechanical properties of AlGaAs/ GaAs quantum well laser diodes: influence on the catastrophical optical damage (COD)Souto, Jorge2017application/pdf
Nanotechnol._28_375701_ 2017.pdf.jpgTensile strain of epitaxial porous GaN grown by CVD determined by optical meansMena, Josué; Carvajal, Joan Josep; Martínez Sacristán, Óscar; Jiménez, Juan; Zubialevich, V.Z.; Parbrook, P.J.; Díaz, Francesc; Aguiló, Magdalena2017application/pdf
5.pdf.jpgDielectric behavior of porous PMMA: From the micrometer to the nanometer scaleNotario, Belen; Pinto, Javier; Verdejo, Raquel; Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel Angel2017application/pdf
4.pdf.jpgHighly anisotropic crosslinked HDPE foams with a controlled anisotropy ratio: Production and characterization of the cellular structure and mechanical propertiesBernardo, Victoria; Laguna-Gutierrez, Ester; Lopez-Gil, Alberto; Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel Angel2017application/pdf
1.pdf.jpgPMMA-sepiolite nanocomposites as new promising materials for the production of nanocellular polymersBernardo, Victoria; Martín de León, Judith; Laguna-Gutierrez, Ester; Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel Angel2017application/pdf
2.pdf.jpgLight transmission in nanocellular polymers: Are semi-transparent cellular polymers possible?Perez-Tamaritz, Saúl; Notario, Belen; Solorzano, Eusebio; Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel Angel2017application/pdf
3.pdf.jpgNanoporous PMMA foams with templated pore size obtained by localized in situ synthesis of nanoparticles and CO2 foamingPinto, Javier; Morselli, Davide; Bernardo, Victoria; Notario, Belen; Fragouli, Despina; Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel Angel; Athanassiou, Athanassia2017application/pdf
Nanotechnoly_27_455709.pdf.jpgLocal electric field enhancement at the heterojunction of Si/SiGe axially heterostructured nanowires under laser illuminationPura, José Luis; Anaya, Julián; Souto, Jorge; Prieto, Carmelo; Rodríguez, Andrés; Rodríguez, Tomás; Jiménez, Juan2016application/pdf
microel.Rel._64_627_2016.pdf.jpgCatastrophic optical damage of high power InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diodesSouto, Jorge; Pura, José luis; Torres, Alfredo; Jiménez, Juan; Bettiati, Mauro; Laruelle, Francois2016application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 38.

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