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DEP24 - Artículos de revista 24

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NumClus10.pdf.jpgFinding the Number of Normal Groups in Model-Based Clustering via Constrained LikelihoodsCerioli, Andrea; García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín; Riani, Marco2018application/pdf
reweight.pdf.jpgA Reweighting Approach to Robust ClusteringDotto, Francesco; Farcomeni, Alessio; García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín2018application/pdf
EigenvaluesMixtures_3.pdf.jpgEigenvalues and constraints in mixture modeling: geometric and computational issuesGarcía-Escudero, Luis Angel; Gordaliza, Alfonso; Greselin, Francesca; Salvatore, Ingrassia; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín2018application/pdf
IEEE published.pdf.jpgRobust Detection of Incipient Faults in VSI-Fed Induction Motors Using Quality Control ChartsGarcía Escudero, Luis Ángel; Duque Pérez, Oscar; Fernández Temprano, Miguel; Moríñigo Sotelo, Daniel2017application/pdf
SAGBM-Estimating-true-preprint.pdf.jpgPerformance and estimation of the true error rate of classification rules built with additional information. An application to a cancer trialConde, David; Salvador, Bonifacio; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel2013application/pdf
Barragan et al.pdf.jpgCircular Order Aggregation and its Application to Cell-cycle Genes ExpressionsBarragán, Sandra; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel2017application/pdf
SERR-D-15-00070.pdf.jpgChecking unimodality using isotonic regression: an application to breast cancer mortality ratesRueda, Cristina; Ugarte, MD; Militino, AF2016application/pdf
Supplementary Information_biometrics.pdf.jpgCircular Piecewise Regression with an application to cell-cycle gene BiologyRueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Barragán, Sandra; Peddada, Shyamal; Mardia, Kanti2016application/pdf
DegFreCR.pdf.jpgDegrees of freedom and model selection in semiparametric additive monotone regressionRueda, Cristina2013application/pdf
NAR published e163.full.pdf.jpgOrder Restricted Inference for Oscillatory Systems for Detecting Rhythmic SignalsLarriba, Yolanda; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Peddada, Shyamal2016application/pdf
Dawai published.pdf.jpgDawai: An R Package for Discriminant Analysis With Additional InformationConde, David; Fernández, Miguel; Salvador, Bonifacio; Rueda, Cristina2015application/pdf
journal.pone.0124842.pdf.jpgDetermination of the temporal order among the components of an oscillatory systemBarragán, Sandra; Rueda, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Peddada, Shyamal2015application/pdf
rcfc.pdf.jpgRobust Constrained Fuzzy ClusteringFritz, Heinrich; García Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2013application/pdf
algorithm_web.pdf.jpgA fast algorithm for robust constrained clustering.Fritz, Heinrich; García Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2013application/pdf
cuesta_lesco_loubes_jmva_rev2_FINAL.pdf.jpgA parametric registration model for warped distributions with Wasserstein’s distance.Agulló Antolín, Marina; Cuesta Albertos, J. A.; Lescornel, Hélène; Loubes, Jean-Michel2015application/pdf
howtoreduce.pdf.jpgHow to Reduce the Laparoscopic Colorectal Learning CurveToledano Trincado, Miguel; Cuevas Gonzalez, Jorge; Mayo Iscar, Agustín; Blanco Álvarez, Jose Ignacio; Martín del Olmo, Juan Carlos2014application/pdf
thePARPinhibitor.pdf.jpgThe PARP inhibitor olaparib enhances the sensitivity of Ewing sarcoma to trabectedinOrdóñez, José Luis; Amaral, Ana Teresa; Carcaboso, Ángel M.; Herrero Martín, David; García Macías, María del Carmen; Alonso, Diego; Pascual Pastor, Guillem; San Segundo, Laura; Vila Ubach, Mónica; Rodrigues, Telmo; Fraile, Susana; Teodosio, Cristina; Mayo Iscar, Agustín; Aracil, Miguel; Galmarini, Carlos María; Tirado, Oscar M.; Mora, Jaume; Álava, Enrique de2015application/pdf
parabolas.pdf.jpgFitting Parabolas in Noisy ImagesGarcía Escudero, Luis Angel; Mayo Iscar, Agustín; Sánchez Gutiérrez, Clara I.2016application/pdf
Robust detection of incipient faults.pdf.jpgRobust detection of incipient faults in VSI-fed induction motors using quality control charts.García-Escudero, Luis Angel; Duque-Pérez, Oscar; Fernandez-Temprano, Miguel; Morinigo-Sotelo, Daniel2016application/pdf
GGGIM_reviewedAlan.pdf.jpgThe joint role of trimming and constraints in robust estimation for mixtures of Gaussian factor analyzers.García-Escudero, Luis Ángel; Gordaliza, Alfonso; Greselin, Francesca; Ingrassia, Salvatore; Mayo Iscar, Agustín2016application/pdf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24
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