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Predictive control of hydrogen production by electrolysis  in an offshore platform using renewable energies.pdf.jpgPredictive control for hydrogen production by electrolysis in an offshore platform using renewable energiesSerna, Álvaro; Yahyaoui, Imene; Normey-Rico, Julio Elías; Prada Moraga, César de; Tadeo, Fernando2017application/pdf
PREPRINT Touati Tadeo  HAnel Schiestel DWT16 .pdf.jpgEffect of the operating temperature on hydrodynamics and membrane parameters in pressure retarded osmosisToauti, Khaled; Tadeo, Fernando; Hanel, C.; Schiestel, Thomas2016application/pdf
PREPRINT Touati Salamanca Hamza Tadeo  RENE17.pdf.jpgEnergy recovery from two-stage SWRO plant using PRO without external freshwater feed stream: theoretical analysis.Toauti, Khaled; Salamanca, Jacobo; Hamza, Elfil; Tadeo, Fernando2017application/pdf
Offshore hydrogen production from wave energy.pdf.jpgOffshore hydrogen production from wave energySerna, Álvaro; Tadeo, Fernando2014application/pdf
Rule-Based Control of Off-Grid Desalination Powered by Renewable Energies.pdf.jpgRule-based control of off-grid desalination powered by renewable energiesSerna, Álvaro; Tadeo, Fernando; Torrijos, David2015application/pdf
Offshore Desalination Using Wave Energy.pdf.jpgOffshore desalination using wave energySerna, Álvaro; Tadeo, Fernando2013application/pdf
ECM-Preprint-Sensitivity-Analysis-Photovoltaic-Water.pdf.jpgSensitivity analysis for photovoltaic water pumping systems: Energetic and economic studiesYahyaoui, Imene; Atieh, Ahmad; Serna, Álvaro; Tadeo, Fernando2017application/pdf
2RO-2PROPREPRINTEnergy132213_224..pdf.jpgOsmotic energy recovery from Reverse Osmosis using two-stage Pressure Retarded Osmosis.Touati, Khaled; Tadeo, Fernando2017application/pdf
KnosysFinalProduccion.pdf.jpgMulti-objective based Fuzzy Rule Based Systems (FRBSs) for trade-offimprovement in accuracy and interpretability: A rule relevance point of viewRey Díez, M Isabel; Galende Hernández, Marta; de la Fuente Aparicio, María Jesús de la; Sainz Palmero, Gregorio Ismael2017application/pdf
IJGE17 touati tadeo preprint.pdf.jpgGreen energy generation by pressure retarded osmosis: State of the art and technical advancement—reviewTouati, Khaled; Tadeo, Fernando2017application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 18.

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