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JChemPhys_129_144702.pdf.jpgCorrelation between the latent heats and cohesive energies of metal clustersStarace, Anne K.; Neal, Colleen M.; Cao, Baopeng; Jarrold, Martin F.; Aguado, Andrés; López, José Manuel2008application/pdf
PhysRevB.72.205420.pdf.jpgStructural and thermal behavior of compact core-shell nanoparticles: Core instabilities and dynamic contributions to surface thermal stabilityAguado, Andrés; López, José Manuel2005application/pdf
PhysRevB.74.115403.pdf.jpgSmall sodium clusters that melt gradually: Melting mechanisms in Na30Aguado, Andrés; López, José Manuel2006application/pdf
JChemPhys130_064704.pdf.jpgStructures and stabilities of Aln+, Aln, and Aln− (n=13–34) clustersAguado, Andrés; López, José Manuel2009application/pdf
PhysRevB.65.184201.pdf.jpgDynamical properties of liquid Al near melting: An orbital-free molecular dynamics studyGonzález, David J.; González, Luis Enrique; López, José Manuel; Stott, Malcolm J.2002application/pdf
PhysRevLett.94.233401.pdf.jpgAnomalous Size Dependence in the Melting Temperatures of Free Sodium Clusters: An Explanation for the Calorimetry ExperimentsLópez, José Manuel; Aguado, Andrés2005application/pdf
PhysRevB_71_075415.pdf.jpgMolecular dynamics simulations of the meltinglike transition in Li13Na42 and Na13Cs42 clustersAguado, Andrés; López, José Manuel2004application/pdf
JChemPhys_129_124709.pdf.jpgSubstituting a copper atom modifies the melting of aluminum clustersCao, Baopeng; Starace, Anne K.; Neal, Colleen M.; Jarrold, Martin F.; Nuñez, Sara; López, José Manuel; Aguado, Andrés2008application/pdf
PhysRevB.62.3086.pdf.jpgAb initio calculation of the lattice distortions induced by substitutional Ag^- and Cu^- impurities in alkali halide crystalsAguado, Andrés; López, José Manuel; Alonso, Julio A.2000application/pdf
PhysRevE.67.041204.pdf.jpgCollective ionic dynamics in the liquid Na-Cs alloy: An ab initio molecular dynamics studyBlanco, J.; González, David J.; González, Luis Enrique; López, José Manuel; Stott, Malcolm J.2003application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 15.

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