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2018MolecularCatalysis449_8.Molina-postprint.pdf.jpgAb initio studies of ethanol dehydrogenation at binary AuPd nanocatalystsMolina, Luis M.; Benito, A.; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso2018application/pdf
postprintH2saturationPd6.pdf.jpgSteric and chemical effects on the hydrogen adsorption and dissociation on free and graphene–supported palladium clustersGranja del Río, Alejandra; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso; López Santodomingo, María José2017application/pdf
2017CPLETT684_91.Molina-postprint.pdf.jpgInteraction of aromatic molecules with small gold clustersMolina, Luis M.; López Santodomingo, María José; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso2017application/pdf
posprint2017PCCPSeif.pdf.jpgAdsorption and growth of palladium clusters on graphdiyneSeif, A.; López Santodomingo, María José; Granja del Río, Alejandra; Azizi, K.; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso2017application/pdf
2017BelgianPhysSoc2.pdf.jpgControlling CO adsorption on Pt clusters by dopant-induced charge transferFerrari, Piero; Molina, Luis M.; Kaydashev, Vladimir E.; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso; Lievens, Peter; Janssens, Ewald2017application/pdf
2017Carbon119_1.deTomas-postprint.pdf.jpgStructural prediction of graphitization and porosity in carbide-derived carbonsTomás, Carla de; Suárez Martínez, Irene; Vallejos Burgos, Fernando; López Santodomingo, María José; Kaneko, Katsumi; Marks, Nigel A.2017application/pdf
Hydrogen Chemical Configuration and Thermal Stability in Tungsten Disulfide Nanoparticles Exposed to Hydrogen PlasmaLaikhtman, Alex; Makrinich, Gennady; Sezen, Meltem; Yildizhan, Melike Mercan; Martínez, Jose Luís; Dinescu, Doru; Prodana, Mariana; Enachescu, Marius; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso; Zak, Alla2017application/pdf
2017JCP146_214104.Cabria.pdf.jpgSearching for DFT-based methods that include dispersion interactions to calculate the physisorption of H2 on benzene and grapheneCabria Álvaro, Iván; López Santodomingo, María José; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso2017application/pdf
Mojica-Molecules-2016.pdf.jpgThe Diels-Adler cycloaddition reaction of substituted hemifullerenes with 1-3 butadiene: Effect of electron-donating and electron- withdrawing substituentsMojica, Martha; Méndez, Francisco; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso2016application/pdf
BlancoRey.JPCC.pdf.jpgIs spillover relevant for hydrogen adsorption and storage in porous carbons doped with palladium nanoparticles?Blanco-Rey, María; Juaristi, J. Iñaki; Alducin, Maite; López, María J.; Alonso Martín, Julio Alfonso2016application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 43.

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