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05-BANDE&MARTIN-ROMAN (2018) IR.pdf.jpgRegional differences in the Okun’s Relationship: New Evidence for Spain (1980-2015)Bande, Roberto; Martín Román, Ángel Luis2018application/pdf
MPRA_paper_79783.pdf.jpgAn Empirical Analysis of Natural and Cyclical Unemployment at the Provincial Level in SpainCuéllar Martín, Jaime; Martín Román, Ángel Luis; Moral de Blas, Alfonso2018application/pdf
porras&martin-roman (2017) GLO.pdf.jpgSelf-employment and the Okun's lawPorras Arena, Sylvina; Martín Román, Ángel Luis2018application/pdf
MPRA_paper_72669.pdf.jpg“Peer effects” or “quasi-peer effects” in Spanish labour court rulingsMalo Ocaña, Miguel Ángel; Martín Román, Ángel Luis; Moral de Blas, Alfonso2018application/pdf
ANNALES MERCATURAE-Goicolea.pdf.jpgCastilian Trade in the Low Countries in the early 16th century. The activities of the merchant Pedro de Arnedo in the town of MiddleburgGoicolea Juñlián, Francisco Javier2018application/pdf
PREPRINT-GENDER WAGE GAP AND EDUCATION.pdf.jpgGender wage gap and education: a stochastic frontier approachGarcía-Prieto, Carmen; Gómez-Costilla, Patricia2017application/pdf
MPRA_paper_62020.pdf.jpgA methodological proposal to evaluate the cost of duration moral hazard in workplace accident insuranceMartín Román, Ángel Luis; Moral de Blas, Alfonso2017application/pdf
En la España medieval.pdf.jpgDel Oviedo medieval. La ciudad y sus campos (siglos XIV-XV)Alvarez Fernández, María2017application/pdf
martin-roman&moral (2014) BEJEAP_main_document.pdf.jpgMoral Hazard in Monday Claim Filing: Evidence from Spanish Sick Leave InsuranceMartín Román, Ángel Luis; Moral de Blas, Alfonso2016application/pdf
ERASMO.pdf.jpgDar bella diversión. Ecos de fiesta y memoria festiva en el Oviedo medieval (siglos XIII-XVI)”,Alvarez Fernández, María2016application/pdf

Results 1-10 of 16 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).

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