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from dough to crumb.pdf.jpgEvolution of volatile compounds in gluten-free bread: from dough to crumbPicó, Joana; Martínez, Mario M.; Bernal, José; Gómez, Manuel2017application/pdf
Impact of frozen storage.pdf.jpgImpact of frozen storage time on the volatile profile of wheat bread crumbPicó, Joana; Martínez, Mario M.; Bernal, José; Gómez, Manuel2017application/pdf
Versión sin maquetar.pdf.jpgMechanically fractionated flour isolated from green plantains (M. cavendishii var. nanica) as a tool to increase the dietary fiber and phytochemical bioactivity of layer and sponge cakesSegundo, Cristina; Román, Laura; Gómez, Manuel; Martínez, Mario M.2017application/pdf
Microestructura GF. DOI.pdf.jpgRheological and microstructural evolution of the most common gluten-free flours and starches during bread fermentation and bakingMartínez, Mario M.; Gómez, Manuel2017application/pdf
DOI.pdf.jpgBiophysical features of cereal endosperm that decrease starch bioaccessibilityRomán, Laura; Gómez, Manuel; Li, Chen; Hamaker, Bruce R.; Martínez, Mario M.2017application/pdf
Effect of microwave radiation pre-treatment-FBT-2017.pdf.jpgEffect of Microwave Radiation Pretreatment of Rice Flour on Gluten-Free Breadmaking and Molecular Size of β-Glucans in the Fortified BreadsPérez Quirce, Sandra; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad; Lazaridou, Athina; Biliaderis, Costas G.2017application/pdf
Effect of β-glucan MW-dough-bread-starch digestibility-LWT-2017.pdf.jpgEffect of b-glucan molecular weight on rice flour dough rheology, quality parameters of breads and in vitro starch digestibilityPérez Quirce, Sandra; Lazaridou, Athina; Biliaderis, Costas G.; Ronda Balbás, Felicidad2017application/pdf
Bizcochos banana madura repositorio.pdf.jpgRipe banana flour as a source of antioxidants in layer and sponge cakesSegundo, Cristina; Román, Laura; Lobo, Manuel; Martínez, Mario M.; Gómez, Manuel2017application/pdf
GFB aceite y agua. Repositorio.pdf.jpgRelationship between dough rheology and quality characteristics of rice based breads with oil or shorteningMancebo, Camino M.; Martínez, Mario M.; Merino, Cristina; de la Hera, Esther; Gómez, Manuel2017application/pdf
Enzimas IG V. repositorio.pdf.jpgChanges in physicochemical properties and in vitro starch digestion of native and extruded maize flours subjected to branching enzyme and maltogenic α-amylase treatmentRomán, Laura; Martínez, Mario M.; Rosell, Cristina M.; Gómez, Manuel2017application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 11.

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