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Lebrero-et-al-2017-JEMA.pdf.jpgToluene biodegradation in an algal-bacterial airlift photobioreactor: Influence of the biomass concentration and of the presence of an organic phaseLebrero Fernández, Raquel; Roxana Ángeles; Pérez Fernández, Rebeca; Muñoz Torre, Raúl2016application/pdf
LM Sanz Tuned Pd revision 17.4.16.pdf.jpgTuned Pd/SiO 2 aerogel catalyst prepared by different synthesis techniquesSanz-Moral, Luis Miguel; Romero, Alberto; Holz, Fabian; Rueda, Miriam; Navarrete, Alexander; Martín, Ángel2016application/pdf
MgBH article_M.Rueda et al_rev1.pdf.jpgReversible hydrogen sorption in the composite made of magnesium borohydride and silica aerogelRueda, Miriam; Sanz-Moral, Luis Miguel; Girella, Alessandro; Cofrancesco, Pacifico; Milanese, Chiara; Martín, Ángel2016application/pdf
Micronization of EDAB using Supercritical Antisolvent Solution _rev4.pdf.jpgEnhancement of hydrogen release kinetics from ethane 1,2 diamineborane (EDAB) by micronization using Supercritical Antisolvent (SAS) PrecipitationRueda, Miriam; Sanz-Moral, Luis Miguel; Segovia, José Juan; Martin, Ángel2016application/pdf
Optimal-conditions-Eucalyptus_Paper_rev3 ACS-GG-1.pdf.jpgOptimal conditions for hemicelluloses extraction from Eucalyptus globulus wood: hydrothermal treatment in a semi-continuous reactorGallina, Gianluca; Cabeza, Álvaro; Biasi, Pierdomenico; García Serna, Juan2016application/pdf
Impregnation of medicinal plant phytochemical compounds into silica and alginate aerogelsMustapa, A.N.; Martín, A.; Sanz Moral, L.M.; Rueda, M.; Cocero Alonso, María José2016application/pdf
Canter-et-al-2016-JEMA.pdf.jpgValorization of CH4 emissions into high-added-value products: Assessing the production of ectoine coupled with CH4 abatementCantera Ruiz de Pellón, Sara; Lebrero Fernández, Raquel; Sadornil, Lidia; García Encina, Pedro A.; Muñoz Torre, Raúl2016application/pdf
Toledo-Cervantes-et-al-2017-Algal-Research.pdf.jpgPhotosynthetic biogas upgrading to bio-methane: Boosting nutrient recovery via biomass productivity controlToledo Cervantes, Alma; Serejo, Mayara L.; Blanco, Saúl; Pérez Fernández, Rebeca; Lebrero Fernández, Raquel; Muñoz Torre, Raúl2016application/pdf
BJCE_Perez-Elvira.pdf.jpgSeparate digestion of liquid and solid fractions of thermally pretreated secondary sludge. Assessment and global evaluationPérez Elvira, Sara Isabel; Sapkaite, I.; Fernández-Polanco Fernández de Moreda, Fernando2016application/pdf
Biogas-upgrading-Lebrero-et-al. 2016.pdf.jpgBiogas upgrading from vinasse digesters: a comparison between an anoxic biotrickling filter and an algal-bacterial photobioreactorLebrero Fernández, Raquel; Toledo Cervantes, Alma; Muñoz Torre, Raúl; Nery, Valéria del; Foresti, Eugenio2016application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 13.

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