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Yield-selectivity.3GCMEA_Paper.pdf.jpgYield vs selectivity in grape pomace polyphenol microwave extractionÁlvarez, A.; Matias, A. A.; Mato, Rafael B.; Duarte, C.M.M.; Cocero Alonso, María José2016application/pdf
2015_AMPERE_Cracovia_1.pdf.jpgDielectric properties of a multiphase mixture. Effect of temperature and compositionÁlvarez, A.; Fayos Fernández, José; Mato, Rafael B.; Monzó Cabrera, Juan; Cocero Alonso, María José2015application/pdf
TUNED-BIOFUNCTIONAL-Submission-1356-v1.pdf.jpgTuned biofunctional polyphenol extracts obtained by microwave and pressure pretreatmentÁlvarez, A.; García Serna, Juan; Mato, Rafael B.; Cocero Alonso, María José2015application/pdf
Microwave-assisted-extration-grape-abstract RRB-10_KSolyom.pdf.jpgMicrowave assisted extration of grape marc: comparison to conventional process and economic evaluationSolyom, Katalin; Álvarez, A.; Cocero Alonso, María José; Mato, Rafael B.2014application/pdf
Universidad de Valladolid
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