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Nuñez_etal_EMBC_2016_post-review.pdf.jpgAnalysis of the Non-stationarity of Neural Activity during an Auditory Oddball Task in SchizophreniaNuñez Novo, Pablo; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Gómez Pilar, Javier; Bachiller, Alejandro; Gómez Peña, Carlos; Lubeiro, Alba; Molina, Vicente; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
Mar_2016_ComputationalInteligenceandNeuroscience.pdf.jpgMEG Analysis of Neural Interactions in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderKhadmaoui, Amine; Gómez Peña, Carlos; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Bachiller, Alejandro; Fernández, Alberto; Quintero, Javier; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
Garcia_etal_2016_ComputerMethodsandProgramsinBiomedicine_post-review.pdf.jpgEffect of infusion tests on the dynamical properties of intracranial pressure in hydrocephalusGarcía Gadeñón, María; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Bachiller, Alejandro; Santamarta, David; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
Gomez_etal_2016_ComputerMethodsandProgramsinBiomedicine_post-review.pdf.jpgCharacterization of EEG patterns in brain-injured subjects and controls after a Snoezelen® interventionGómez Peña, Carlos; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Gutiérrez, María T.; Prada, Esther; Mendoza, Nuria; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
GutierrezTobal_etal_2016_TransactionsonBiomedicalEngineering_post-review.pdf.jpgUtility of AdaBoost to Detect Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome From Single-Channel AirflowGutiérrez Tobal, Gonzalo César; Álvarez, Daniel; Campo Matías, Félix del; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
GomezPilar_etal_2016_MedicalandBiologicalEngineeringandComputing_post-review.pdf.jpgNeurofeedback training with a motor imagery-based BCI: neurocognitive improvements and EEG changes in the elderlyGómez Pilar, Javier; Corralejo, Rebeca; Nicolás Alonso, Luis F.; Álvarez, Daniel; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
Gomez_etal_EMBC_2016_post-review.pdf.jpgAnalysis of Spontaneous EEG Activity in Alzheimer’s Disease Using Cross-Sample Entropy and Graph TheoryGómez, Carlos; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Gómez Pilar, Javier; Bachiller, Alejandro; Juan Cruz, Celia; Tola Arribas, Miguel A.; Carreres, Alicia; Cano, Mónica; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
GomezPilar_etal_EMBC_2016_post-review.pdf.jpgNovel Measure of the Weigh Distribution Balance on the Brain Network: Graph Complexity Applied to SchizophreniaGómez Pilar, Javier; Bachiller, Alejandro; Nuñez Novo, P.; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Gómez Peña, Carlos; Lubeiro, A.; Molina, Vicente; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf
Marcos_et al_2016_MedicalEngineeringandPhysics_post-review.pdf.jpgRegularity analysis of nocturnal oximetry recordings to assist in the diagnosis of sleep apnoea syndromeMarcos, J. Víctor; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto; Nabney, Ian T.; Álvarez, Daniel; Gutiérrez Tobal, Gonzalo César; Campo Matías, Félix del2016application/pdf
JuanCruz_etal_EMBC_2016_post-review.pdf.jpgAnalysis of Magnetoencephalography Signals from Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Using Granger CausalityJuan Cruz, Celia; Gómez Peña, Carlos; Poza Crespo, Jesús; Fernández, Alberto; Hornero Sánchez, Roberto2016application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 20.

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