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Dalton Trans2014p.10885 Manuscript after revision.pdf.jpgHighly fluorescent complexes with 3-isocyanoperylene and N-(2,5-di-tert-butylphenyl)-9-isocyano-perylene- 3,4-dicarboximideLentijo, S.; Expósito Fuertes, José Emilio; Aullón, Gabriel; Miguel, Jesús A.; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2014application/pdf
Dalton Trans2015p.16164 Manuscript after revision.pdf.jpgHigher fluorescence in platinum(IV) orthometallated complexes of perylene imine compared with their platinum(II) or palladium(II) analoguesExpósito Fuertes, José Emilio; Álvarez Paíno, Marta; Aullón, Gabriel; Miguel, Jesús A.; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2015application/pdf
Cryst Growth Des 2015p.1611 unedited manuscript.pdf.jpgThe Amide Group as Modulator of Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Structures in Isocyano-alkylanilide Silver (I) ComplexesBaena, María José; Coco Cea, Silverio; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2015application/pdf
InorgChem2014p.3449 unedited Manuscript .pdf.jpgAlignment of Palladium Complexes into Columnar Liquid Crystals Driven by Peripheral Triphenylene SubstituentsTritto, Emiliano; Chico, Rubén; Sanz Enguita, Gerardo; Folcia, César L.; Ortega, Josu; Coco Cea, Silverio; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2014application/pdf
JMatChemC 2015p. 9385 Revised Manuscript.pdf.jpgSynergistic π-π and Pt-Pt interactions in Luminescent Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Dual Columnar Liquid CrystalsTritto, Emiliano; Chico, Rubén; Ortega, Josu; Folcia, César L.; Etxebarria, Jesús; Coco Cea, Silverio; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2015application/pdf
InorgChem2014p.10893 RevisedManuscript2.pdf.jpgDiphenylphosphinobenzoic Acids as Linkers in [2,4,6– {(C10H21O)3C6H2NH}3C3N3] Triazine Adducts with Metal Complex, which Self–Organize into Room Temperature Hexagonal Columnar MesophasesMiguel Coello, Ana B.; Coco Cea, Silverio; Donnio, Bertrand; Heinrich, Benoît; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2014application/pdf
Protection of the gold (I) Catalyst by AsPh3 in Reactions of EnynesRamiro Mangas, Zoraida; Bartolomé Albistegui, María del Camino; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2014application/pdf
ORGANOMETASLLIC-PostP_Organometallics-2015-34.pdf.jpgOrganometallic nucleophiles and Pd: What Makes ZnMe2 Different? Is Au like Zn?Pozo, Juan del; Gioria, Estefanía; Casares González, Juan Ángel; Álvarez, Rosana; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2015application/pdf
STILLER-PostP_ACS Catal. 2015.pdf.jpgThe stille reaction, 38 years laterCordovilla, Carlos; Bartolomé Albistegui, María del Camino; Martínez de Ilarduya, Jesús María; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2015application/pdf
EXPERIMENTAL-PostP_Organometallics-2014.pdf.jpgExperimental Study of the Mechanism of the Pd-catalyzed Aryl-alkyl Negishi Coupling using Hybrid Phosphine- Electron Withdrawing Olefin LigandsGioria, Estefanía; Martínez de Ilarduya, Jesús María; Espinet Rubio, Pablo2014application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 17.

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