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dc.contributor.authorCalvo, María-
dc.contributor.authorVillalobos, Carlos-
dc.contributor.authorNuñez Llorente, Lucía-
dc.identifier.citationLossi, Laura and Merighi, Adalberto, editors. Neuronal Cell Death: Methods and Protocols, Springer, 2015, p. 73 – 85 (Methods in Molecular Biology; 1254)es
dc.descriptionProducción Científicaes
dc.description.abstractIntracellular Ca2+ is involved in control of a large variety of cell functions including apoptosis and neuron cell death. For example, intracellular Ca2+ overload is critical in neuron cell death induced by excitotoxicity. Thus, single cell monitoring of intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]cyt) in neurons concurrently with apoptosis and neuron cell death is widely required. Procedures for culture and preparation of primary cultures of hippocampal rat neurons and fluorescence imaging of cytosolic Ca2+ concentration in Fura2/AM-loaded neurons are described. We also describe a method for apoptosis detection by immunofluorescence imaging. Finally, a simple method for concurrent measurements of [Ca2+]cyt and apoptosis in the same neurons is
dc.publisherSpringer Science+Business Media New Yorkes
dc.subjectCalcium imaginges
dc.subjectNeuron deathes
dc.subjectHippocampal neuronses
dc.titleCalcium Imaging in Neuron Cell Deathes
dc.rights.holder© Todos los derechos reservados © Springer Science+Business Media New York-
dc.description.projectMinisterio de Economía y Competitividad (BFU2009-08967 and BFU2012-37146)es
dc.description.projectJunta de Castilla y León (BIO103/VA45/11, VA145U13, and BIO/VA33/13)es
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