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16_JPA_PainleveV.pdf.jpgSolutions to the Painlevé V equation through supersymmetric quantum mechanicsBermúdez, D.; Fernández, D.; Negro, Javier2016application/pdf
16_AP_anisotropic.pdf.jpgThe anisotropic oscillator on curved spaces: A new exactly solvable modelBallesteros, Angel; Herranz, F.J.; Kuru, Sengul; Negro, Javier2016application/pdf
CarinnenaRannadaSantander_EurJPhys2016.pdf.jpgA new look at the Feynman ‘hodograph’ approach to the Kepler first lawCariñena, J.F.; Rañada, M.F.; Santander, Mariano2016application/pdf
GovindarajanMunoz-Castaneda2016.pdf.jpgModelling quantum black holesGovindarajan, T.R.; Muñoz-Castañeda, J.M.2016application/pdf
PhysRevA.94.062701.pdf.jpgNet force on an asymmetrically excited two-atom system from vacuum fluctuationsDonaire, Manuel2016application/pdf
1505.04359.pdf.jpgTwo-point one-dimensional δ-δ’ interactions: non-abelian addition law and decoupling limitGadella, Manuel; Mateos Guilarte, Juan; Muñoz Castañeda, J.M.; Nieto, Luis Miguel2016application/pdf
16_PLA_sandro.pdf.jpgConfinement of an electron in a non-homogeneous magnetic field: Integrable vs superintegrable quantum systemsContreras-Astorga, Alonso; Negro, Javier; Tristao, Sandro2016application/pdf
González_León_2016_EPL_114_30007.pdf.jpgElementary solutions of the quantum planar two-center problemGonzález León, Miguel Ángel; Mateos Guilarte, Juan; de la Torre Mayado, Marina2016application/pdf
civit.pdf.jpgGamow states as solutions of a modified Lippmann-Schwinger equationCivitarese, Osvaldo; Gadella, Manuel2016application/pdf
49_015204.pdf.jpgTwo-point one-dimensional δ-δ’ interactions: non-abelian addition law and decoupling limitGadella, M.; Mateos-Guilarte, J.; Muñoz-Castañeda, J.M.; Nieto, L.M.2016application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 19.

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