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Marcelo_CondMatterPhys.pdf.jpgApproximate solution for Fokker-Planck equationAraujo, M.T.; Drigo Filho, Elso2015application/pdf
JHEP-2015.pdf.jpgTwo-twistor particle models and free massive higher spin fieldsde Azcárraga, J.A.; Fedoruk, S.; Izquierdo, J.M.; Lukierski, J.2015application/pdf
Fibonacci_2015.pdf.jpgAn integral representation for the Fibbonacci numbers and its generalizationGlasser, M.L.; Zhou, Y.2015application/pdf
Morrison_2015.pdf.jpgOn Morrison’s definite integralArias de Reyna, J.; Glasser, M.L.; Zhou, Y.2015application/pdf
98.pdf.jpgA Discussion on the Properties of Gamow StatesGadella, Manuel2015application/pdf
fernandez_izquierdo_delolmo_2015.pdf.jpgContractions from osp(1|32) ⊕ osp(1|32) to the M-theory superalgebra extended by additional fermionic generatorsFernández, J.J.; Izquierdo, J.M.; del Olmo, Mariano A.2015application/pdf
nanotube.pdf.jpgDegeneracy in carbon nanotubes under transverse magnetic δ-fieldsKuru, Sengul; Negro, Javier; Tristao, Sandro2015application/pdf
arxiv_greenfunctions.pdf.jpgThe energy level structure of a variety of one-dimensional confining potentials and the effects of a local singular perturbationGlasser, M.L.; Nieto, L.M.2015application/pdf
gadella_giacomini_laura.pdf.jpgPeriodic analytic approximate solutions for the Mathieu equationGadella, Manuel; Giacomini, H.; Lara, L.2015application/pdf

Resultados 1-9 de 9.
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