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1-s2.0-S0003491618303026-main.pdf.jpgHyperspherical δ-δ’ potentialsMuñoz Castañeda, J.M.; Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel; Romaniega, C.2019application/pdf
1809.02248.pdf.jpgGlobal versus local superintegrability of nonlinear oscillatorsAnco, S.C.; Ballesteros, A.; Gandarias, M.L.2019application/pdf
SciRept-MunozCastanedaRJ2018.pdf.jpgCytoskeleton stability is essential for the integrity of the cerebellum and its motor- and affective-related behaviorsMuñoz-Castañeda, R.; Díaz, D.; Peris, L.; Andrieux, A.; Bosc, C.; Muñoz-Castañeda, J.M.; Janke, C.; Alonso, J.R.; Moutin, M.J; Weruaga, E.2018application/pdf
NG-MARCH-2017.pdf.jpgApplication of the plane-wave-based perturbation theory to the density modulation induced by a point charge in an electron gasNagy, I.; Glasser, M.L.2018application/pdf
SOE.pdf.jpgSecond order exchange energy of a d-dimensional electron fluidGlasser, M.L.2018application/pdf
PED5.pdf.jpgOn Scattering from the One Dimensional Multiple Dirac Delta PotentialsErman, F.; Gadella, M.; Uncu, H.2018application/pdf
march2017.pdf.jpgAtomic spectra calculations for fusion plasma engineering using a solvable model potentialCharro, E.; Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel2018application/pdf
kevin_annals2018.pdf.jpgBi-orthogonal approach to non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with the oscillator spectrum: Generalized coherent states for nonlinear algebrasRosas-Ortiz, O.; Zelaya, K.2018application/pdf
1711.08784.pdf.jpgKink dynamics in a system of two coupled scalar elds in two space-time dimensionsAlonso Izquierdo, A.2018application/pdf
gadella_entropy2018.pdf.jpgThe definition of entropy for quantum unstable systems: a view-point based on the properties of Gamow statesCivitarese, O.; Gadella, M.2018application/pdf

Results 1-10 of 83 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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