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Ágora para la educación física y el deporte - 2012 - Vol. 14-2 9

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Impact of the Kinesiology Career Club: a TPSR-base possible futures program for youth in underserved communitiesWalsh, David; Veri, Maria J.; Scobie, Donnell2012application/pdf
Implementations of TPRS-based programs through physical activity: different contextsMartinek, Tom2012application/pdf
Application of Hellison's responsibility model in South Korea: a multiple case study of "at-risk" middle school students in Physical EducationJinhong, Jung; Wright, Robert2012application/pdf
A national survey of New Zealand secondary schools Physical Education programs implementatio of the teaching personal and social responsibility (TPSR) modelGordon, Barrie; Thevenard, Liz; Hodis, Flaviu A.2012application/pdf
Forecasting the storm: students perspectives throughout a teaching personal and social responsibility (TPSR)-based positive youth development programWard, Stephan2012application/pdf
Applying the teaching personal and social responsibility model (TPSR) in Spanish schools context: lesson learnedEscartí Carbonell, Amparo2012application/pdf
Developing responsibility using physical activity: a case study of �Team Support�Hayden, Laura A.2012application/pdf
Exploring the individualized experiences of participants in a responsibility-based youth development programWright, Paul M.; Dyson, Ben; Moten, Tennille2012application/pdf
Using responsibility-based strategies to empower in-service Physical Education and health teachers to learn and implement TPSRBeaudoin, Sylvie2012application/pdf
Items ordenados por Fecha de envio en orden Descendente: 1 a 9 de 9
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