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ES Review. Spanish Journal of English Studies - 2018 - Num. 39 18

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revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2428_1917.pdf.jpgSearching for an Environmental Identity: Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard (1996) by Kiran DesaiEscobedo de Tapia, Carmen2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2426_1916.pdf.jpgThe Plight of Not Belonging: Jean Rhys’s “Let Them Call It Jazz” and “The Day They Burned the Books”Laguarta Bueno, Carmen2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2425_1915.pdf.jpgWriting, Aging and Death in Margaret Atwood’s The DoorSánchez Calle, Pilar2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2379_1910.pdf.jpgBlackness and Identity in Sarah Harriet Burney’s Geraldine Fauconberg (1808) and Traits of Nature (1812)Fernández Rodríguez, Carmen María2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2380_1911.pdf.jpg“WE NEED CHARACTER!”: Remembering Alexander Crummell’s Appeal to Postbellum African AmericansGimeno Pahissa, Laura2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2376_1907.pdf.jpgUnraveling the Mysteries of Childhood: Metaphorical Portrayals of Children in Margaret Atwood’s FictionGibert, Teresa2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2377_1908.pdf.jpgAll the Park’s a Stage: Westworld as the Metafictional FrankensteinSebastián Martín, Miguel2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2378_1909.pdf.jpgMichael Field’s Long Ago (1889): A Transcendental Mythopoesis of Desire and DeathCantillo Lucuara, Mayron Estefan2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2439_1963.pdf.jpgMarisol Morales-Ladrón, editor. Family and Dysfunction in Contemporary Irish Narrative and FilmLorenzo Modia, María Jesús2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2438_1962.pdf.jpgM. G. Sanchez: An InterviewAbas, Sarah M.2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2436_1960.pdf.jpgEmron Esplin. Borges’s Poe: The Influence and Reinvention of Edgar Allan Poe in Spanish AmericaRollason, Christopher2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2434_1958.pdf.jpgPréstamos en el habla viva de los pescadores gaditanos: el caso de los anglicismosSoto Melgar, María Mercedes2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2435_1959.pdf.jpgGillian M. E. Alban. The Medusa Gaze in Contemporary Women’s Fiction: Petrifying, Maternal and RedemptiveGülüm Tekin, Burcu2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2430_1919.pdf.jpgSubversive Wanderings in the City of Love: Constructing the Female Body in Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnightde la Parra Fernández, Laura2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2433_1957.pdf.jpgThe Audible Light of Words: Mark Strand on Poetry and the SelfMartínez Serrano, Leonor María2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2431_1920.pdf.jpgThe Dead Republic, by Roddy Doyle: The Wisdom of Comic HeroismDíaz Bild, Aída2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2375_1906.pdf.jpgCecil Gerahty’s The Road to Madrid: An Anglo-Irish Falstaff in Spain’s Theatre of WarSell, Jonathan P.A.2018application/pdf
revistas_uva_es__esreview_article_view_2429_1918.pdf.jpgOf Holes and Wounds: Postcolonial Trauma and the Gothic in Catherine Jinks’s The RoadArizti Martín, Bárbara2018application/pdf
Items ordenados por Fecha de envio en orden Descendente: 1 a 18 de 18
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