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    The Spanish Language and Literature is nourished daily from multiple sources: books, digital texts and of course the media. The narrative and journalistic texts, which coincide in many ways, are indispensable tools for teaching didactics an grammar. Under this premise I have elaborated a proposal for the 2nd year of ESO in which through a corpus of different sports reviews students will be capable to reforce contents such as reading comprehension, oral and written expression, the recognition of grammatical categories, the identification of the subject and the predicate or the understanding of the different functions of the language or the elements of communication. These concepts are all include in the compulsory curriculum for this course and are intended to be consolidated with the activities of this Master´s Thesis. From a new approach, I have taken advantage of the values of sports as a starting point to work in a cooperative and meaningful way on a new and ambitious educational project that seeks to attract the attention of students with texts that were used to ignored in the classroom. Sacrifice, effort, teamwork, equality, relevance, protagonism and success of women are, among others, qualities that united athletes and sports reviews, that narrate their achievements and failures. Learning from these articles and most important, with them, has been the ultimate goal of this proposal. (1)
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