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ES: Revista de filología inglesa - 2005 - Num. 26 16

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16
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ES-2005-26-UnfaithfulnessToJaneAusten.pdf.jpg"Unfaithfulness" to Jane Austen?: communicating readings and interpretations of her novels through their films adaptationsRodríguez Martín, María Elena2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-GermanyIsTheHome.pdf.jpg"Germany is the home of the family": a criticism of gender roles in Katherine Mansfield's "In a German Pension"Rodríguez Salas, Gerardo2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-TranslatingPatrickKavanagh.pdf.jpgTranslating Patrick KavanaghSheerin, Patrick H.2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-NorthOfMyself.pdf.jpgNorth of myself: a refashioning of masculinity in two best-selling novels on both sides of the AtlanticIbarrola-Armendariz, Aitor2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-EuropeInTheWritings.pdf.jpgEurope in the writings of Truman Capote or the steps to the creation of the non-fiction novelCañadas Rodríguez, Emilio2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-ElSignificadoDelConceptoDe.pdf.jpgEl significado del concepto de imaginación en Wallace Stevens y su origen en la obra de George SantayanaEstébanez, Cayetano2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-PromotingEnglishVocabulary.pdf.jpgPromoting English vocabulary research in primary and secondary education: test review and test selection criteriaJiménez Catalán, Rosa María; Moreno Espinosa, Soraya2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-LongDistanceTandem.pdf.jpgLong-distance tandem learning by e-mail: evaluation of a case studyVinagre Laranjeira, Margarita; Lera, María2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-AStarCalledHenry.pdf.jpg"A Star Called Henry" and "At Swim, Two Boys": the deconstruction of the tragic paradigmDíaz Bild, María Aída2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-TheSpeechActOfThankingInEnglish.pdf.jpgThe speech act of thanking in English: differences between native and non-native speakers' behaviourDíaz Pérez, Francisco Javier2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-LaIroníaEnElQuijote.pdf.jpgLa ironía en el "Quijote" y en "Bleak House"Vázquez de Prada Merino, María Teresa2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-TheSensualHumanNature.pdf.jpgThe sensual human nature: a cognitive approach to religious poetryCalderón Quindós, María Teresa2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-CommunicatingTheExperience.pdf.jpgCommunicating the experience of war: the "us" vs. "them" dialectic in Eve ensler's "Necessary Targets"Fernández Morales, Marta2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-AConnecticutYankee.pdf.jpg"A Connecticut Yankee": la afirmación de la cultura americanaFernández Suárez, José Ramón2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-TraducciónLiterariaYApropiación.pdf.jpgTraducción literaria y apropiación: apuntes para una tipología causalHerrero Quirós, Carlos2005application/pdf
ES-2005-26-ContrastiveRhetoricAndEsp.pdf.jpgContrastive rhetoric and ESP: metatext in Spanish-English medical textsÁlvarez Álvarez, Susana2005application/pdf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16
University of Valladolid
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