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2011_Rodríguez-García_etal_pinaster_early_dynamic_ForEcolManage.pdf.jpgEffects of overstorey canopy, plant-plant interactions and soil properties on Mediterranean maritime pine seedling dynamicsRodríguez García, Encarna; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe; Spies, Thomas A.2011application/pdf
2011_Rodriguez-Garcia_etal_shrubs_growth_annalsforest.pdf.jpgEffects of shrub and canopy cover on the relative growth rate (RGR) of Pinus pinaster seedlings of different sizesRodríguez García, Encarna; Ordóñez, Cristóbal; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2011application/pdf
18-Soil_and_forest_productivity_a_case_study_from_Stone_pine_(Pinus_pinea)_Stands_in_Calabria_(southern_Italy).pdf.jpgSoil and forest productivity: a case study from Stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) stands in Calabria (southern Italy)Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2011application/pdf
2010_HerreroetalCvariation_annalsforest.pdf.jpgCarbon in heartwood, sapwood and bark along stem profile in three Mediterranean Pinus speciesHerrero de Aza, Celia; Turrión Nieves, María Belén; Pando Fernández, Valentín2011application/pdf
2014_Ruano_etal_predation_europeanjournal.pdf.jpgPost-dispersal predation of Pinus pinaster Aiton seeds: key factors and effects on below-ground seed bank.Ruano, Irene; Peso Taranco, Carlos del; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2014application/pdf
2013_Rodríguez-García&Bravo_plasticity_ForEcolManage.pdf.jpgPlasticity in Pinus pinaster populations of diverse origins: Comparative seedling responses to light and Nitrogen availabilityRodríguez García, Encarna; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2013application/pdf
2014_Bravo-Oviedo et al_ European _2014_Bravo-Oviedo_etal_Mixed Forests definition and research perspectives_ForestSystems.pdf.jpgEuropean Mixed Forests: definition and research perspectivesBravo Oviedo, Andrés; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2014application/pdf
7-Amount_and_distribution_of_CWD_in_pine_ecosystems_of_Northwest_Spain_Russia_and_US.pdf.jpgAmount and distribution of coarse woody debris in pine ecosystems of north-western Spain, Russia and the United StatesHerrero, Celia; Krankrina, Olga; Monleón, Vicente J.; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2013application/pdf
15_Rio-MediterraneanPines.pdf.jpgMediterranean pine forests:management effects on carbon stocksRío, M. del; Barbelto, I.; Bravo Oviedo, Andrés; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2017application/pdf
2010_Rodriguez-Garcia_etal_environ_influences_postharvest_europeanjournal.pdf.jpgEnvironmental influences on post-harvest natural regeneration of Pinus pinaster Ait. in Mediterranean forest stands submitted to seed-tree selection methodRodríguez García, Encarna; Juez, Libertad; Bravo Oviedo, Felipe2010application/pdf

Resultados 1-10 de 23.

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