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RT info:eu-repo/semantics/article T1 Collective ionic dynamics in the liquid Na-Cs alloy: An ab initio molecular dynamics study A1 Blanco, J A1 González Fernández, David José A1 González Tesedo, Luis Enrique A1 López Rodríguez, José Manuel A1 Stott, Malcolm J. K1 Dinámica molecular AB We present results for several structural and dynamical properties of the liquid Na-Cs alloy. The study hasbeen carried out by means of the orbital-free ab initio molecular dynamics method, combined with local ionicpseudopotentials constructed within the same framework. The results show good agreement with the availableexperimental data, reproducing the homocoordinating tendency exhibited by this alloy. PB The American Physical Society YR 2003 FD 2003 LK UL LA eng NO Physical Review E, v. 67, n. 4, (2003), p. 1-14 NO Producción Científica DS UVaDOC RD 26-ene-2021