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dc.contributor.authorLiceras, Juana M.
dc.contributor.authorFernández Fuertes, Raquel 
dc.contributor.authorKlassen, Rachel
dc.identifier.citationGuzzardo Tamargo, Rosa E.; Mazak, Catherine M.; Parafita Couto, M. Carmen (coords.). Spanish-English Codeswitching in the Caribbean and the US. Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Series, John Benjamins. 2016. p. 107–138es
dc.descriptionProducción Científicaes
dc.description.abstractInvestigating the interpretation and production of codeswitched structures involving functional and lexical categories by bilingual speakers constitutes a reliable tool to assess language dominance and/or nativeness. Language dominance has been described and measured in the context of bilingualism while nativeness is more rooted in the characterization of primary versus non-primary acquisition. Both concepts are intended to identify the specific ways in which language is represented in the mind of a bilingual. We draw from three different hypotheses formulated in the context of formal linguistics: the Grammatical Features Spell-Out Hypothesis, the Gender Double-Feature Valuation Mechanism, and the PF Interface Condition to show whether and how the codeswitching conditions established by these hypotheses constitute a diagnostic for language dominance and language
dc.publisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Companyes
dc.subject.classificationLanguage dominancees
dc.subject.classificationLengua dominantees
dc.subject.classificationLanguage nativenesses
dc.subject.classificationLengua nativaes
dc.subject.classificationLinguistic code-switchinges
dc.subject.classificationAlternancia de código lingüísticoes
dc.titleLanguage dominance and language nativeness: the view from English-Spanish codeswitchinges
dc.rights.holder© 2016 John Benjamins Publishing Companyes
dc.description.projectSocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (project SSHRC #41020042034)es
dc.description.projectMinisterio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad - Dirección General de Investigación Científica - FEDER ( grants DGICYT #BFF200200442 / HUM 200762213)es
dc.description.projectJunta de Castilla y León (Projects VA046A06 / UV30/02 )es
dc.description.projectCanada-Europe Award Program of the International Council for Canadian Studies (project 10CEAA)es
dc.description.projectMinisterio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (project FF1201235058)es
dc.subject.unesco5701.03 Bilingüismoes

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