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RT T1 Basic results on the equations of magnetohydrodynamics of partially ionized inviscid plasmas A1 Núñez Jiménez, Manuel K1 Magnetohidrodinámica K1 Electromagnetismo K1 Plasma confinement K1 Circuit theorems K1 Newtonian mechanics K1 Partially ionized plasma K1 Electric currents K1 Equations of state K1 Leptons AB The equations of evolution of partially ionized plasmas have been far more studiedin one of their many simplifications than in its original form. They present arelation between the velocity of each species, plus the magnetic and electric fields,which yield as an analog of Ohm’s law a certain elliptic equation. Therefore, theequations represent a functional evolution system, not a classical one. Nonetheless,a priori estimates and theorems of existence may be obtained in appropriate Sobolevspaces. PB American Institute of Physics SN 0022-2488 YR 2009 FD 2009 LK UL LA eng NO Journal of Mathematical Physics, 2009, 50, 103101/1-103101/9 NO Producción Científica DS UVaDOC RD 09-may-2021