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DEP20 - Artículos de revista 64

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PrePrint-Decision-makingIF.pdf.jpgDecision-making in semi-democratic contextsFranceschini, Fiorenzo; García Lapresta, José Luis2019application/pdf
Assigning Numerical Scores.pdf.jpgAssigning Numerical Scores to Linguistic ExpressionsCampión, María Jesús; Falcó Díaz de Cerio, Edurne; García Lapresta, José Luis; Induráin Eraso, Esteban2017application/pdf
Chronicle of a Failure Foretold.pdf.jpgChronicle of a Failure Foretold: 2017 Rector Election at Ghent UniversityPérez Fernández, Raúl; García Lapresta, José Luis; De Baets, Bernard2019application/pdf
DeFrutos_MartinHerran_EJOR_REVISED.pdf.jpgSpatial vs. non-spatial transboundary pollution control in a class of cooperative and non-cooperative dynamic gamesDe Frutos, Javier; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar2019application/pdf
Karray_MartinHerran_EJOR_2019.pdf.jpgFighting store brands through the strategic timing of pricing and advertising decisionsKarray, Salma; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar2019application/pdf
MARTIN_HERRAN AND RUBIO[23AUG17].pdf.jpgOptimal Environmental Policy for a Polluting Monopoly with Abatement Costs: Taxes Versus StandardsMartín-Herrán, Guiomar; Rubio, Santiago2018application/pdf
cooperation_Preprint.pdf.jpgPromotion of cooperation when benefits come in the future: A water transfer caseCabo, Francisco; Tidball, Mabel2017application/pdf
WaterTransfer013-12-07.pdf.jpgDynamic management of water transfer between two interconnected river basinsCabo, Francisco; Erdlenbruch, Katrin; Tidball, Mabel2014application/pdf
GVMR_jcam19_open.pdf.jpgThe risk-neutral stochastic volatility in interest rate models with jump–diffusion processesGómez del Valle, María Lourdes; Martínez Rodríguez, Julia2019application/pdf
CaboGarciarerevised.pdf.jpgThe endogenous determination of retirement age and Social Security benefitsCabo, Francisco; García-González, Ana2014application/pdf
draftpostrefereeing.pdf.jpgDynamic collective bargaining and labor adjustment costsCabo, Francisco; Martín-Román, Angel2018application/pdf
DeGiovanni_et_al_EJOR.pdf.jpgVendor Management Inventory with Consignment contracts and the benefits of cooperative advertisingDe Giovanni, Pietro; Karray, Salma; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar2019application/pdf
MARTIN-HERRAN AND RUBIO[25APR18].pdf.jpgSecond-best taxation for a polluting monopoly with abatement investmentMartín-Herrán, Guiomar; Rubio, Santiago2018application/pdf
DeFrutos_MartinHerran_revised.pdf.jpgSelection of a Markov Perfect Nash Equilibrium in a Class of Differential gamesDe Frutos, Javier; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar2018application/pdf
InformationSciences-Lapresta-Pozo-Roman-Postprint.pdf.jpgMetrizable ordinal proximity measures and their aggregationGarcía Lapresta, José Luis; González del Pozo, Raquel; Pérez Román, David2018application/pdf
IJPE-Karray_MH_Zaccour.pdf.jpgAssessing the Profitability of Cooperative Advertising Programs in Competing ChannelsKarray, Salma; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar; Zaccour, Georges2017application/pdf
IJPE_2016_Salma_SP.pdf.jpgCooperative Advertising for Competing Manufacturers: The Impact of Long-Term Promotional EffectsKarray, Salma; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar; Sigué, Simon-Pierre2017application/pdf
Advertising Scheduling in Channels_April_26_2017.pdf.jpgRetailer and Manufacturer Advertising Scheduling in a Marketing ChannelMartín-Herrán, Guiomar; Sigué, Simon-Pierre2017application/pdf
Cabo_Martin-Herran_Martinez-Garcia_rev.pdf.jpgUnbounded Growth in the Ramsey Model with Non-Constant DiscountingCabo, Francisco; Martín-Herrán, Guiomar; Martínez-García, María Pilar2016application/pdf
JBR-Cooperative Advertising rates-July21-2016.pdf.jpgAn Integrative Framework of Cooperative Advertising: Should Manufacturers Continuously Support Retailer Advertising?.Martín-Herrán, Guiomar; Sigué, Simon-Pierre2017application/pdf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64
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