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DEP46 - Artículos de revista 23

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uvadoc E&B.pdf.jpgmodelling the long-term effect of climate change on a zero energy and carbon dioxide building through energy efficiency and renewables.Rey Hernández, Javier María; Yousif, Charles; Gatt, Damient; Velasco Gómez, Eloy; San José Alonso, Julio Francisco; Rey Martínez, Francisco javier2018application/pdf
journal.pone.0211390.pdf.jpgAssessment of displacement ventilation systems in airborne infection risk in hospital roomsVillafruela Espina, José Manuel; Olmedo, Inés; Berlanga, Félix A.2019application/pdf
MV-Experimental.pdf.jpgExperimental assessment of different mixing air ventilation systems on ventilation performance and exposure to exhaled contaminants in hospital roomsBerlanga, F.A.; Olmedo, Inés; Ruiz de Adana, M.; Villafruela Espina, José Manuel; San José, Julio Francisco; Castro, Francisco2018application/pdf
Difusores.pdf.jpgExperimental and numerical study of the influence of the plenum box on the airflow pattern generated by a swirl air diffuserVillafruela Espina, José Manuel; Sierra Pallarés, José Benito; Castro, Francisco; Álvaro, A.; Santiago Casado, P.2018application/pdf
20170517_PaperDesplazamiento.pdf.jpgExperimental evaluation of thermal comfort, ventilation performance indices and exposure to airborne contaminant in an airborne infection isolation room equipped with a displacement air distribution systemBerlanga, F.A.; Ruiz de Adana, M.; Olmedo, Inés; Villafruela Espina, José Manuel; San José, Julio Francisco; Castro, Francisco2018application/pdf
Puerta_quirófano.pdf.jpgAirflow patterns through a sliding door during opening and foot traffic in operating roomsVillafruela Espina, José Manuel; San José, Julio Francisco; Castro, Francisco; Zarzuelo, Andrés2016application/pdf
Paper-Infección_cruzada-B&E_v3.pdf.jpgInfluence of human breathing modes on airborne cross infection riskVillafruela Espina, José Manuel; Olmedo, Inés; San José, Julio Francisco2016application/pdf
Fuel 206 420 2017_repository.pdf.jpgCharacterization of a biomethane-like synthetic gas mixture through accurate density measurements from (240 to 350) K and pressures up to 14 MPaHernández-Gómez, R.; Fernández-Vicente, T.; del Campo, D.; M., Vaľková; M., Chytil; C.R., Chamorro2017application/pdf
jct 97 137 2016_repository.pdf.jpgHeat capacities and acoustic virial coefficients for a synthetic coal mine methane mixture by speed of sound measurements at T = (273.16 and 250.00) K.Pérez-Sanz, Fernando J.; Martín, M. Carmen; Chamorro, César R.; Fernández-Vicente, Teresa; Segovia, José J.2016application/pdf
jct 96 1 2016_repository.pdf.jpgExperimental determination of (p, ρ, T) data for binary mixtures of methane and heliumHernández-Gómez, R.; Tuma, D.; Segovia, J.J.; Chamorro, C.R.2015application/pdf
jct 84 60 2015_repository.pdf.jpgIntegration of biogas in the natural gas grid: thermodynamic characterization of a biogas-like mixtureHernández-Gómez, Roberto; Fernández-Vicente, Teresa; Martín González, María del Carmen; Mondéjar, María Engracia; Chamorro, Cesar2015application/pdf
jct 101 168 2016_repository.pdf.jpgAccurate experimental (p, ρ, T) data and virial coefficients for the (methane and helium) binary systemHernández-Gómez, R.; Tuma, D.; Villamañán, R.; Chamorro, C.R.2016application/pdf
jced 62 4310 2017_repository.pdf.jpgAccurate experimental (p, ρ, T) data for the introduction of hydrogen into the natural gas grid: Thermodynamic characterization of the nitrogen-hydrogen binary system from 240 K to 350 K and pressures up to 20 MPaHernández-Gómez, Roberto; Tuma, Dirk; Gómez-Hernández, Angel; Chamorro, César R.2017application/pdf
Speeds of sound rev9.pdf.jpgSpeeds of sound for a biogas mixture CH4+N2+CO2+CO from p = (1 to 12) MPa at T = (273, 300 and 325) K measured with a spherical resonatorLozano Martín, Daniel; Segovia Puras, José Juan; Martín González, M. Carmen; Fernández Vicente, Teresa; del Campo Maldonado, Dolores2016application/pdf
Updated determination of the molar gas constant R .pdf.jpgUpdated determination of the molar gas constant R by acoustic measurements in argon at UVa-CEM.Segovia, José Juan; Lozano-Martín, Daniel; Martín, María del Carmen; Chamorro, Cesar Rubén; Villamañán, Miguel Ángel; Pérez, Eduardo; García Izquierdo, Carmen; del Campo, Dolores2017application/pdf
JCT-15-474.pdf.jpgContributing to accurate high pressure viscosity measurements: Vibrating wire viscometer and falling body viscometer techniquesZambrano, Johnny R.; Sobrino, Manuel; Martín, M. Carmen; Villamañán, Miguel A.2016application/pdf
JCT-15-784.pdf.jpgViscosity and density measurements of aqueous amines at high pressures: MDEA-water and MEA-water mixtures for CO2 captureSobrino, Manuel; Concepción, Eduardo I.; Gómez-Hernández, Ángel; Martín, M. Carmen2016application/pdf
JCT-16-954.pdf.jpgDensity and viscosity measurements of aqueous amines at high pressures: DEA-water, DMAE-water and TEA-water mixturesConcepción, Eduardo I.; Gómez-Hernández, Ángel; Martín, M. Carmen; Segovia, José J.2017application/pdf
3-JEPS-E20170420-1[2].pdf.jpgEnergy Management by Dynamic Monitoring of a Building of the University of ValladolidRey Hernández, Javier María; Velasco Gómez, Eloy; San José, Julio; Gonzalez, Sergio; Rey Martínez, Francisco Javier2017application/pdf
Transformation of a University lecture hall in Valladolid (Spain) into a NZEB: LCA of a BIPV system integrated in its façadeMartín-Ramos, Pablo; Palacios-Jaimes, Gloria Y.; Rey-Martínez, Francisco J.; Fernández-Coppel, Ignacio A.2017application/pdf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23
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