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FM - Artículos de revista 61

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1704.00030.pdf.jpgOrbits in the problem of two fixed centers on the sphereGonzález León, M.A.; Mateos-Guilarte, J.; Torre Mayado, M. de la2017application/pdf
1710.00356.pdf.jpgPerfectly invisible PT-symmetric zero-gap systems, conformal field theoretical kinks, and exotic nonlinear supersymmetryMateos-Guilarte, J.; Plyushchay, M.S.2017application/pdf
1711.10034.pdf.jpgReflection, transmutation, annihilation and resonance in two-component kink collisionsAlonso Izquierdo, A.2018application/pdf
1711.08784.pdf.jpgKink dynamics in a system of two coupled scalar elds in two space-time dimensionsAlonso Izquierdo, A.2018application/pdf
kevin_annals2018.pdf.jpgBi-orthogonal approach to non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with the oscillator spectrum: Generalized coherent states for nonlinear algebrasRosas-Ortiz, O.; Zelaya, K.2018application/pdf
vicente_annals.pdf.jpgHigher order supersymmetric truncated oscillatorsFernández C., D.J.; Morales-Salgado, V.S.2018application/pdf
v_shaped_annals2018.pdf.jpgSpectroscopy of a one-dimensional V-shaped quantum well with a point impurityFassari, S.; Gadella, M.; Glasser, M.L.; Nieto, L.M.2018application/pdf
SciRept-MunozCastanedaRJ2018.pdf.jpgCytoskeleton stability is essential for the integrity of the cerebellum and its motor- and affective-related behaviorsMuñoz-Castañeda, R.; Díaz, D.; Peris, L.; Andrieux, A.; Bosc, C.; Muñoz-Castañeda, J.M.; Janke, C.; Alonso, J.R.; Moutin, M.J; Weruaga, E.2018application/pdf
NG-MARCH-2017.pdf.jpgApplication of the plane-wave-based perturbation theory to the density modulation induced by a point charge in an electron gasNagy, I.; Glasser, M.L.2018application/pdf
SOE.pdf.jpgSecond order exchange energy of a d-dimensional electron fluidGlasser, M.L.2018application/pdf
march2017.pdf.jpgAtomic spectra calculations for fusion plasma engineering using a solvable model potentialCharro, E.; Nieto, L.M.2018application/pdf
PED5.pdf.jpgOn Scattering from the One Dimensional Multiple Dirac Delta PotentialsErman, F.; Gadella, M.; Uncu, H.2018application/pdf
gadella_entropy2018.pdf.jpgThe definition of entropy for quantum unstable systems: a view-point based on the properties of Gamow statesCivitarese, O.; Gadella, M.2018application/pdf
UPM.pdf.jpgFrom osp(1|32) ⊕ osp(1|32) to the M-Theory Superalgebra: a Contraction ProcedureFernández, J.J.; Izquierdo, J.M.; Olmo, M.A. del2017application/pdf
NuclPhys1702005Ballesteros.pdf.jpgFactorization Approach to Superintegrable Systems: Formalism and ApplicationsBallesteros, A.; Herranz, F.J.; Kuru, S.; Negro, J.2017application/pdf
Nano8.pdf.jpgThe behaviour of the three-dimensional Hamiltonian -Δ+λ[δ(x+x0)+δ(x+x0)] as the distance between the two centers vanishesAlbeverio, S.; Fassari, S.; Rinaldi, F.2017application/pdf
gadella_mx2016.pdf.jpgMathematical Foundations of Time Asymmetric Quantum MechanicsGadella, M.2017application/pdf
modelling_QFT_metamaterials_mx2016.pdf.jpgTowards Modelling QFT in Real Metamaterials: Singular Potentials and Self-Adjoint ExtensionsNieto, L.M.; Gadella, M.; Mateos-Guilarte, J.M.; Muñoz-Castañeda, J.M.; Romaniega, C.2017application/pdf
hermitegaussian.pdf.jpgGroup approach to the paraxial propagation of Hermite–Gaussian modes in a parabolic mediumCruz y Cruz, S.; Gress, Z.2017application/pdf
Degeneracies_1D_REVISED-2.pdf.jpgA Singular One-Dimensional Bound State Problem and its DegeneraciesErman, F.; Gadella, M.; Tunali, S.; Uncu, H.2017application/pdf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 61
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