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FM - Artículos de revista 83

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NuclPhys1702005Ballesteros.pdf.jpgFactorization Approach to Superintegrable Systems: Formalism and ApplicationsBallesteros, A.; Herranz, F.J.; Kuru, S.; Negro, J.2017application/pdf
Nano8.pdf.jpgThe behaviour of the three-dimensional Hamiltonian -Δ+λ[δ(x+x0)+δ(x+x0)] as the distance between the two centers vanishesAlbeverio, S.; Fassari, S.; Rinaldi, F.2017application/pdf
gadella_mx2016.pdf.jpgMathematical Foundations of Time Asymmetric Quantum MechanicsGadella, M.2017application/pdf
modelling_QFT_metamaterials_mx2016.pdf.jpgTowards Modelling QFT in Real Metamaterials: Singular Potentials and Self-Adjoint ExtensionsNieto Calzada, Luis Miguel; Gadella, M.; Mateos Guilarte, J.M.; Muñoz Castañeda, J.M.; Romaniega, C.2017application/pdf
hermitegaussian.pdf.jpgGroup approach to the paraxial propagation of Hermite–Gaussian modes in a parabolic mediumCruz y Cruz, S.; Gress, Z.2017application/pdf
Degeneracies_1D_REVISED-2.pdf.jpgA Singular One-Dimensional Bound State Problem and its DegeneraciesErman, F.; Gadella, M.; Tunali, S.; Uncu, H.2017application/pdf
npb2017izq.pdf.jpgBosonic D=11 supergravity from a generalized Chern-Simons actionAzcárraga, J.A. de; Camarero, D.; Izquierdo, J.M.2017application/pdf
perlick.pdf.jpgThe Perlick system type I: from the algebra of symmetries to the geometry of the trajectoriesKuru, S.; Negro, J.; Ragnisco, O.2017application/pdf
PhysRevA.96.042714.pdf.jpgDipole-dipole interaction in cavity QED: The weak-coupling, nondegenerate regimeDonaire, M.; Muñoz Castañeda, J.M.; Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel2017application/pdf
graphene_coherent.pdf.jpgGraphene coherent statesDíaz-Bautista, E.; Fernández C., D.J.2017application/pdf
gadella_praha_4612-11277-1-PB.pdf.jpgLie Algebra Representations and Rigged Hilbert Spaces: the SO(2) caseCeleghini, E.; Gadella, M.; Olmo, M.A. del2017application/pdf
praha_2017_4603-11317-1-PB.pdf.jpgOn the spectrum of the one-dimensional Schrödinger Hamiltonian perturbed by an attractive Gaussian potentialFassari, S.; Gadella, M.; Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel; Rinaldi, F.2017application/pdf
epl18902.pdf.jpgDirac Green function for δ potentialsCharro, M.E.; Glasser, M.L.; Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel2017application/pdf
Silva.pdf.jpgThe Effect of Confinement on the Electronic Energy and Polarizability of a Hydrogen Molecular IonSilva, J.F. da; Ramos Silva, F.; Drigo Filho, E.2016application/pdf
98.pdf.jpgA Discussion on the Properties of Gamow StatesGadella, Manuel2015application/pdf
1-s2.0-S000349161730132X-main.pdf.jpgSuperintegrability of the Fock-Darwin systemDrigo-Filho, Elso; Kuru, Sengul; Negro, Javier; Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel2017application/pdf
González_León_2016_EPL_114_30007.pdf.jpgElementary solutions of the quantum planar two-center problemGonzález León, Miguel Ángel; Mateos Guilarte, Juan; de la Torre Mayado, Marina2016application/pdf
symmetry-08-00091.pdf.jpgHiggs Phase in a Gauge U(1) Non-Linear CP1-Model. Two Species of BPS Vortices and Their Zero ModesAlonso-Izquierdo, Alberto; Mateos Guilarte, Juan2016application/pdf
PhysRevD.94.045008.pdf.jpgQuantum magnetic flux lines, BPS vortex zero modes, and one-loop string tension shiftsAlonso-Izquierdo, Alberto; Mateos Guilarte, Juan; Torre Mayado, Marina de la2016application/pdf
JHEP-2015.pdf.jpgTwo-twistor particle models and free massive higher spin fieldsde Azcárraga, J.A.; Fedoruk, S.; Izquierdo, J.M.; Lukierski, J.2015application/pdf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 83
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