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Título: Innovation in the value chain of wood products: data, equations and life-cycle analysis
Autor: Lizarralde, I.
Rodríguez, F.
Bravo Oviedo, Felipe
Editor: Springer
Año del Documento: 2017
Documento Fuente: Bravo, F., Jandl, R., & LeMay, V. (Eds.). (2017). Managing forest ecosystems: the challenge of climate change. New York: Springer. pp. 235-249
Resumen: This chapter represents a review of the state of the art of the techniques and methodologies described and used in Lizarralde et af., 2008. Several issues have been reviewed and updated, while the work area and most of data remain equal,as an exercise of methodology review. Assessment of C02 sequestration on wood products starts to raise importance when measuring the global sequestration in a forest. In this work, a more accurate estimation of C0.2 on wood products is proposed,taking into account not only the volume but the useful life of those products. In order to estímate this carbon uptake and sequestration, innovation in forestry reveals new technologies and methodologies such as forest inventory using LiDAR technology or advanced modelling techniques. Besides,a new accountability and legal framework is added to review the state of the art of this particular issue. With this new information and knowing yield data of transformation of these products in final commercial products, the sequestration rate of each product and its useful life, we will be able to calculate the global sequestration of annual cuttings in an important and well-known forest in Spain.
Materias (normalizadas): Madera-Análisis
Productos forestales
Departamento: Instituto Universitario de Gestión Forestal Sostenible
ISBN: 978-3-319-28248-0
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Idioma: eng
Derechos: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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