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Title: Superintegrability of the Fock-Darwin system
Authors: Drigo-Filho, Elso
Kuru, Sengul
Negro, Javier
Nieto Calzada, Luis Miguel
Editors: Annals of Physics
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The Fock-Darwin system is analysed from the point of view of its symmetry properties in the quantum and classical frameworks. The quantum Fock-Darwin system is known to have two sets of ladder operators, a fact which guarantees its solvability. We show that for rational values of the quotient of two relevant frequencies, this system is superintegrable, the quantum symmetries being responsible for the degeneracy of the energy levels. These symmetries are of higher order and close a polynomial algebra. In the classical case, the ladder operators are replaced by ladder functions and the symmetries by constants of motion. We also prove that the rational classical system is superintegrable and its trajectories are closed. The constants of motion are also generators of symmetry transformations in the phase space that have been integrated for some special cases. These transformations connect different trajectories with the same energy. The coherent states of the quantum superintegrable system are found and they reproduce the closed trajectories of the classical one.
Departament : Física Teórica, Atómica y Óptica
ISSN: 0003-4916
Language: eng
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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