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Título: British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War: John Sommerfield, Esmond Romilly and Frank Pitcairn. A comparative study
Autor: Zamora Agüero, Francisco Javier
Editor: Universidad de Valladolid. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Director o Tutor: Pastor García, Daniel, dir.
Año del Documento: 2017
Titulación: Máster en Estudios Ingleses Avanzados: Lenguas y Culturas en Contacto
Resumen: This research paper examines the work of three British volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War for the Spanish Republic. The Spanish Civil War appealed to many writers and intellectuals from many parts of the world. Spain became the ground where they could fight against the rise of fascism on a global scale. The aim of this study is to shed light on the literary implications of the testimonies of John Sommerfield, Esmond Romilly and Frank Pitcairn. I compared the work they wrote about their experience in the Spanish Civil War. My purpose is to establish relationships among them from different perspectives such as the documentary evidence they provide, the contents, the structure, the imagery and the form.
Palabras Clave: International Brigades
Non-Intervention agreement
Communist Party
Personal testimony
Ideological commitment
Departamento: Departamento de Filología Inglesa
Idioma: eng
Derechos: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
Aparece en las colecciones:Trabajos Fin de Master UVa

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