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Título: Nanoporous PMMA foams with templated pore size obtained by localized in situ synthesis of nanoparticles and CO2 foaming
Autor: Pinto, Javier
Morselli, Davide
Bernardo, Victoria
Notario, Belen
Fragouli, Despina
Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel Angel
Athanassiou, Athanassia
Año del Documento: 2017
Editorial: Elsevier
Descripción: Producción Científica
Documento Fuente: Polymer 124 (2017) 176-185
Resumen: Polymer foams with controlled and templated pore size have been obtained for the first time by CO2 gas dissolution foaming from poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) films. This kind of materials, with a variable porous structure, mimic some high-performance natural materials and could present significant interest in many applications. However, up to now their controlled fabrication has not been successfully achieved. Herein, we present a method to achieve a fine control in the production of such materials. Thermal in situ synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles from Zn(OAc)2 was proposed to obtain PMMA nanocomposites, in which the ZnO nanoparticles induce heterogeneous nucleation that leads to formation of pores with size below the micron, upon CO2 foaming. Starting from templated solid PMMA samples with well-differentiated regions, presenting or not ZnO nanoparticles, it was possible to obtain PMMA-based foams with well-defined areas of different pore sizes.
Revisión por Pares: SI
Patrocinador: Financial support from FPU grant FPU14/02050 (V. Bernardo) from the Spanish Ministry of Education is gratefully acknowledged. Financial assistance from MINECO, FEDER, UE (MAT2015-69234-R) and the Junta of Castile and Leon (VA011U16) are gratefully acknowledged. We also thank the organizers of the 2014 IIT Nanophysics Retreat for the fruitful discussions, which led to this work.
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Propietario de los Derechos: Elsevier
Idioma: eng
Derechos: info:eu-repo/semantics/restrictedAccess
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