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Título: Cathodoluminescence Characterization of Dilute Nitride GaNSbAs Alloys
Autor: Navarro, A.
Martínez Sacristán, Óscar
Galiana, B.
Lombardero, I.
Ochoa, M.
García, I.
Gabás, M.
Ballesteros, Carmen
Jiménez López, Juan
Algora, C.
Serie: Topical Collection: 17th Conference on Defects (DRIP XVII)
Año del Documento: 2018
Editorial: Springer
Documento Fuente: Journal of Electronic Materials, 2018, Volume 47, Issue 9, pp 5061–5067
Resumen: The effects of ex situ annealing in N ambient and in situ annealing in As ambient on GaNSbAs/GaAs structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy were investigated by low temperature cross-sectional cathodoluminescence (CL). The amount and distribution of Sb was measured by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The cross-sectional CL analysis of all samples reveals a shift of the near band edge (NBE) emission along the growth axis, presumably associated with a non-uniform incorporation of Sb during the growth process, in agreement with the Sb distribution measured by EDS in the as-grown sample. The NBE emission in the annealed samples presents a redshift with respect to the as-grown sample. This effect might be explained by a redistribution/activation of N in the GaNSbAs lattice since the Sb distribution measured by EDS does not reveal significant changes, within the error margin, with respect to the as-grown sample. The in situ annealed in the As overpressure sample shows the best properties for solar cells applications, i.e., a NBE peak position close to 1.0 eV and the lowest full width at half maximum of this emission.
Palabras Clave: Dilute nitrides, GaNSbAs, solar cells, cathodoluminescence, annealing
Patrocinador: Spanish Government (MINECO Project ENE2014- 56069-C4-4-R) and Junta de Castilla y Leo´n (VA293U13 and VA081U16 Projects). The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness MINECO supports this work through Projects TEC2014-54260- C3-1-P, TEC2014-54260-C3-2-P, TEC2014-54260- C3-3-P, PCIN-2015-181-C02-01 and PCIN-2015- 181-C02-02.
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Idioma: eng
Derechos: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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