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Título: Regional differences in the Okun’s Relationship: New Evidence for Spain (1980-2015)
Autor: Bande, Roberto
Martín Román, Ángel Luis
Año del Documento: 2018
Editorial: Asociación Española de Ciencia Regional
Descripción: Producción Científica
Documento Fuente: Bande, Roberto & Martín-Román, Ángel, 2018. "Regional differences in the Okun’s Relationship: New Evidence for Spain (1980-2015)," INVESTIGACIONES REGIONALES - Journal of REGIONAL RESEARCH, Asociación Española de Ciencia Regional, issue 41, pages 137-165.
Resumen: This article provides new empirical evidence on the relationship between the unemployment rate and the output growth in Spain at the regional level. The «gap version» with the output growth on the left-hand side of the equation is our benchmark model. Our empirical results show that all coefficients are significant and show the expected negative sign. Significant regional differences in the Okun’s relationship, both for the short run and the long run, are found. These results are robust to two different specifications for the gaps: the HP filter and the QT procedure. In the final part of the article, it is also found that the OLS and the GMM estimates for panel data exhibit a similar pattern and that there is a clear asymmetry in the Okun’s relationship in booming and recession phases of the Spanish business cycle.
Revisión por Pares: SI
Patrocinador: Spanish Goverment projects ECO2014-52343-P and ECO 2017-82227-P
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Idioma: eng
Derechos: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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