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Title: Assessment for learning: a challenge for teachers and learners in primary education
Authors: Mateos Neila, Teresa
Editors: Escuela Universitaria de Educación (Palencia)
Tutor: Alario Trigueros, María del Carmen
Issue Date: 2013
Degree : Grado en Educación Primaria
Abstract: This work focuses on how the development of an assessment program can help the students be involved and aware of their own learning process. Its main purpose is to differentiate the different methods that can measure students’ progress. This study was centred on the develop and implementation of an assessment program during my training period in a rural CLIL public school, where I was assigned to 6th course of Primary Education. It was the first time these students saw a program like this, which made it more challenging for both the teacher and the students, who constantly needed help. When analysing the results, I could see that most of them were able to offer a feedback of their own work, and as a teacher I actually was able to systematize assessment.
Keywords: Profesores de ingles-Formación
Language: eng
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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