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Título: Carbon in heartwood, sapwood and bark along stem profile in three Mediterranean Pinus species
Autor: Herrero de Aza, Celia
Turrión Nieves, María Belén
Pando Fernández, Valentín
Editor: Springer
Año del Documento: 2011
Documento Fuente: Annals of Forest Science (2011) 68: 1067 - 1076
Resumen: Context Understanding biological processes in forests is necessary to orientate ecosystem management towards potential C sequestration. To achieve this, information is required about changes in forest biomass C pools, including the stem components (bark, sapwood and heartwood). Aims This study aimed to determine whether there are differences in C concentration in axial and radial directions within stem biomass in Pinus nigra, Pinus pinaster and Pinus sylvestris. Methods Wood samples from a permanent plantation in northern Spain were examined for C concentration and wood bulk density. Results The results showed that C concentration was higher in heartwood than in sapwood in the three species. Pinus spp. sapwood C concentration increased along the stem, while the C concentration in heartwood tissue showed the opposite behavior. In bark, Pinus pinaster showed a decreasing trend, in contrast to Pinus nigra and Pinus sylvestris, where higher values were found at the base and top of the stem. Finally, wood bulk density decreased in heartwood, sapwood and bark areas when stem height increased. Estimating C content taking into account different anatomical parts and heights is important in considering the specificity of the different parts because of their potential commercial or ecological use in forest ecosystems.
Materias (normalizadas): Pinos-Mediterráneo, Zona del
Bosques y silvicultura-Mediterráneo, Zona del
Departamento: Instituto Universitario de Gestión Forestal Sostenible
ISSN: 1297-966X
Idioma: eng
Derechos: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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