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Title: Non-Rigid Groupwise Registration for Motion Estimation and Compensation in Compressed Sensing Reconstruc- tion of Breath-Hold Cardiac Cine MRI
Authors: Royuela del Val, Javier
Cordero-Grande, Lucilio
Simmross-Wattenberg, Federico
Martín-Fernández, Marcos
Alberola-López, Carlos
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (aceptado para su publicación)
Abstract: Purpose: Compressed sensing methods with motion estimation and compensation techniques have been proposed for the reconstruction of accelerated dynamic MRI. However, artifacts that naturally arise in compressed sensing reconstruction procedures hinder the estimation of motion from reconstructed images, especially at high acceleration factors. This work introduces a robust groupwise non-rigid motion estimation technique applied to the compressed sensing reconstruction of dynamic cardiac cine MRI sequences. Theory and Methods: A spatio-temporal regularized, groupwise, non-rigid registration method based on a B-splines deformation model and a least squares metric is used to estimate and to compensate the movement of the heart in breath-hold cine acquisitions and to obtain a quasi-static sequence with highly sparse representation in temporally transformed domains. Results: Short axis in vivo datasets are used for validation, both original multi-coil as well as DICOM data. Fully sampled data were retrospectively undersampled with various acceleration factors and reconstructions were compared with the two well-known methods k-t FOCUSS and MASTeR. The proposed method achieves higher signal to error ratio and structure similarity index for medium to high acceleration factors. Conclusions: Reconstruction methods based on groupwise registration show higher quality recon- structions for cardiac cine images than the pairwise counterparts tested.
Keywords: dynamic MRI reconstruction, compressive sensing, groupwise registration
Peer Review: SI
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Language: spa
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
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