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Title: Microwave and ultrasound pre-treatments to enhance anthocynins extraction from different wine lees.
Authors: Romero Díez, Rut
Mato, Melanie
Rodrigues, Liliana
Bronze, Maria Rosario
Rodríguez Rojo, Soraya
Cocero Alonso, María José
Matias, Ana A.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Citation: Food Chemistry, 2019, vol. 272, p. 258–266.
Abstract: Wine lees are rich in anthocyanins (AC), natural colorants with health promoting properties. The extraction kinetics of AC from different wine lees in conventional solid-liquid extraction were studied for the first time. The influence of parameters such as temperature, solid-liquid ratio (RS-L) and type of solvent (hydro-alcoholic mixtures) was also studied. Furthermore, microwaves (MW) and ultrasounds (US) were used as pre-treatments (a prior step to the conventional extraction) in order to increase AC yield. Maximum extraction yield (2.78 mgMALVIDIN-EQUIVALENTS/gDRY-LEES) was achieved after 15 minutes at 25ºC, with a RS-L of 1/10 (g/mL) and with a 50%vol. ethanol mixture. When MW were used AC extraction yield was doubled (6.20 mgMALVIDIN-EQUIVALENTS/gDRY-LEES) and the required time to achieve a constant yield was reduced (from 15 min to 90s). Meanwhile, US only shortened extraction time in less proportion (from 15 to 5 min). Putative identification of main extract compounds was performed by LC/MS-MS.
Classification: wine lees
anthocyanin extraction
kinetic study
microwave pre-treatmetn
ultrasound pre-treatment
Peer Review: SI
Language: eng
Rights: info:eu-repo/semantics/embargoedAccess
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